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Perth Beijing Translation and Interpreting Services Pty Ltd is a Perth-based Chinese language and business consulting firm.

Why Use Our Service?

  • The high quality of our service and its focus on the efficiency, outcome and cultural appropriateness

  • It draws on local knowledge: our Chinese consulting service is supported by highly respected Chinese consultants

Case Study 1


Our client is a mining engineering company that specialises in mining contracts. They rely heavily on specialised electronic equipment purchased from a Chinese supplier. Due to supply chain issues, there was a shortage of supply, which threatened the success of their mining contracts.


The client’s supply of specialised electronic equipment was in short supply, and there was a risk that they would not receive the equipment in time to fulfil their mining contracts. As a result, the client was facing a significant financial loss, and they needed a solution quickly.


To ensure the client could receive the equipment within the required timeframe, we advised the client to work closely with the Chinese supplier to ensure they were receiving accurate information about their order status. Our communication strategy helped the client to be transparent about the supply chain issues.


The client was also able to work closely with the Chinese supplier. As a result, the client was able to complete their mining contracts on time and within budget, avoiding significant financial losses.

Case Study 2


Our client is an Australian home appliance designer and manufacturer. They approached our business consulting service with a goal of marketing and selling their product to the Chinese market.


The client wanted to expand their business and increase their revenue by selling their home appliance products to the massive Chinese market. However, they lacked knowledge of the Chinese market and did not have a market entry strategy.


Our team conducted a marketing and SWOT analysis for the product to identify the product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the Chinese market. The analysis showed that the product was suitable for the Chinese market.

We advised the client to use online e-commerce channels to minimise stocking and logistic risks. We recommended several popular online marketplaces. We also advised the client to use online Chinese media and influencers to sell the product.


Our approach was successful in helping the client to develop their business strategy to the Chinese market.

Contact information

Business: Perth Beijing Translation and Interpreting Services Pty Ltd (ABN: 60 604 193 679)

Address: 5/101 Francis Street, Northbridge (visit by appointment only)


Phone: 0450005358 (Alex)

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Standard fee schedules (hourly rate):

Business consulting service (China): $220 per hour (GST inclusive)

General translation and interpreting service: $165 per hour (GST inclusive)


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