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Welcome to the PBCS online. We are a leading online Chinese training organisation and the official HSK testing centre in Australia. PBCS Online is attracting the best and brightest students from Melbourne, Sydney and other Australian cities.

 Why choose us to learn Chinese online?

  • High-quality teaching is guaranteed: Please do not take our word for it, go to the following link to see the reviews from our happy customers review on Google
  • Our Basic Mandarin program is highly valued by employers: At end of the program, you will gain certificate to add to your C.V.
  • OnlineTrack: OnlineTrack study offers non-intensive Zoom video class with focus on convenience and cost.

PBCS Online Mandarin Program

HSK1/HSK2/HSK3/HSK4/HSK5 level  

This program suits clients looking to study Chinese in a friendly virtual group. HSK is the officially recognised Chinese proficiency test used when applying to study or work in China, and our Basic Mandarin Programs corresponds with each HSK level.

After graduating from HSK 4 level, our students can communicate about their daily, academic and professional life in Chinese and will also be able to easily communicate when travelling through China.

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Common Q&A:

Is this a recorded lesson or real-time lesson?

100% online real-time lesson – enjoy the real-time online class at your place via PBCS’s Zoom. Holding live, real-time classes yields numerous benefits, such as a sense of obligation, better time management, regular evaluation and feedback.

Do I receive a diploma or other certificates upon completion of the course?PBCS online students are able to obtain a Chinese language qualification issued by the school after successful completion of the program.

How can I practice speaking?

You will be fully engage in the class by various activities such as Q&A and role-play.

Equipment requirements:
Windows or Apple computer with speakers and a microphone (Mobile Device. iOS or Android is also acceptable) + WIFI or 4G access.

Trading Entity:

  • Perth Beijing Chinese School (Global Online Chinese School)

School Email: Alex@perthchinese.com.au

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